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latest updateS

Update 22/11/2018:

Next Appearances by Pete Jennings: For full details of all dates for 2019 click HERE


 Pete's latest short film is now released. See  'The Last Journey' - Directed by Carl Stickley for free here.http://www.pebble-media.co.uk/the-last-journey/













Viking & Anglo Saxon Pagan Beliefs.

2nd Revised & Expanded Edition

Available now! See all books here

New Feature! : short articles available free, online.

Pete is currently working on the follow up to Adventures in Aelphame - due out later in 2019

                                 PETE JENNINGS

Writer, lecturer, broadcaster, actor,

storyteller, musician & re-enactor.  

For information on

Ealdfaeder Anglo Saxons

visit www.ealdfaeder.org