By Pete Jennings      Copyright 2018

A long time ago a poor German peasant boy was walking through a wood when he saw a bottle at the side of the path. Hoping that it was something good to drink he opened the cap, but to his surprise an old man appeared to emerge from the bottle.

“Greetings mortal!” he said. “Thank you for releasing me from the bottle. In gratitude, I Hans the Magician will grant you one wish. What is it to be?”

The peasant boy thought hard and long, and eventually said “Thank you kind Hans the Magician. I am a poor peasant boy, so I think that most of my needs could be met if I had a large bag of gold coins.” 

“That is a wish I can give you. Come closer to the bottle” instructed Hans the Magician. It contains the magic essence of a dozen fairies I squashed and distilled to obtain their magic, which is why I was shut away in the bottle with them.” With that he waved his hand so that a mysterious green vapour passed beneath the nose of the poor peasant boy, who suddenly found that he was holding a large bag of gold coins.

“Oh thank you very much sir!” said the boy, but how did you do that?”

“I suppose you are too poor to have a television” mused the magician, “but with your new found wealth maybe you will buy one and find out.” With that he disappeared, but later the boy did buy a TV and learnt the wisdom:

Hans that does wishes can waft in your face

With boiled green fairies liquid,




















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